We're successful because we don't use a cookie-cutter approach with each of our partner-cleints.  Before starting anything, we work with them and find out their wants, needs, desires and 'must-have's.'  We don't work by rote but develop a plan that has the best possible chance to succeed.  Each of our partner-clients have different goals, and it's our goal to create give them what they want - AND MORE!

Client:  Watch It Now Entertainment
Project: Kim Kardashian DVD Series
Title:  Fit In Your Jeans By Friday
Project Deliverables:

  • Art Direct Packaging and Box Wrap Design
  • Copywriting for Packaging and Website
  • Art Direct Website Design
  • Manufactured product
  • Acquire North American Distribution
  • Develop promotion
  • Design and manage social media promotion campaign

  • Promotions planned and executed by Mitch and the WIN team generated mid six-figure sales in 3 1/2 months from proprietary website and sales prior to going to brick and mortar retail.
  • A 5 month Widget marketing campaign an MHP Associate company generated over 25M views

Client:  Jari Love
Project: Jari Love "Get Ripped" DVD promotion
Title: "Extremely Ripped 1000 and other "Get Ripped" catalog and new release titles
Project Deliverables:

  • Represented client in acquiring licensing agreement with brick-and-mortar distributor
  • Recommended MHP Associate Company to oversee January 2010 national morning show TV tour
  • Recommended MHP Associate Company to Design and manage social media promotion campaign

  • Mitch Perliss introduced Jari to an MHP Associate Company that does SMM and other Internet marketing.  They doubled email database 50% in two months by adding 7000 new email addresses.  Increased traffic to website over 475%. 
  • MHP Associate Company created, designed and manage online community,, which presently generates 7-10,000 unique visits per month.
  • MHP Associate company designed, developed and marketing Get Ripped! Boot Camp.  First month of service generated large five figure gross profit.
  • National TV Tour help generate huge proprietary website sales in first week of release.
  • November 2009 release was in's Top 250 of all DVD sales for months of January/February 2010

Client:  Stacy McCarthy/YogaNamaStacy
Project: DVD Promotion for Yoga Body DVD Series
Project Deliverables
  • Packaging Design
  • Manufacturing
  • MHP Associate company built website
  • MHP Associate company designed and managed social media campaign
  • Drove 2000 unique visits to website within two weeks of launch of new website, creating over 100 new sales during that time frame.
  • Negotiated to have Stacy's titles appear in a 2010 national Direct Response TV promotion
  • Licensed product for non-exclusive digital distribution

Client:  Stephanie Vitorino
Project: The Ultimate Body Shaper
Project Deliverables
  • Package Design and Copywriting
  • Authoring, Replication and Printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Set Up National TV Tour
  • Introduction to Distribution opportunities
  • MHP Associate Company set up January 2010 national morning show tour in ten markets
  • International distribution pending
  • Set up self-distribution through a variety of companies
  • Negotiated Stephanie's product to appear as a part of two Direct Response TV promotions in 2010

Client:  TL Webb International
Project: Tamilee Webb new and catalog DVD Promotion
Project Deliverables
  • Product Acquisition
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Relations
  • Distribution
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Distribution
  • Wrote proposal to Warner Bros. which assisted Tamilee to re-acquire her original "Buns of Steel" library . for self distribution
  • Art Directed packaging and design for new "Buns of Steel" title
  • Wrote script for introduction on new "Buns of Steel" DVD
  • Edited monthly TLW newsletters
  • Developed manufacturing relationships with two replicators to get best possible pricing for TLW product
  • MHP Assocate Company developed SMM campaign in conjuction with existing SEO campaign resulting in January and February 2010 sales from proprietary website 50-75% higher than any individual month in 2009.
  • Negotiated Tamilee's product to be a part of a national Direct Response TV campaign in 2010
  • Assisted Tamilee in licensing her product for digital downloads

Client:  ATP Training/Tracey Mallett
Project:  ATP Training Website Design and Development/DVD Distribution
Project Deliverables
  • Redesign corporate health club website & Design
  • International DVD distribution
  • MHP Associate Company redesigned health club website - went live in April 2010
  • Achieved Canadian distribution for Tracey's DVD titles
  • Negotiated Tracey's product to be a part of two national Direct Response TV campaigns in 2010

Client:  Lindsay Brin/Moms Into Fitness
Project: Lindsay Brin DVD library sales
Project Deliverables
  • Create SMM Campaign
  • Manufacturing/Fulfillment
  • Saved Lindsay $4 per unit on fulfillment costs from her proprietary website
  • SMM campaign began May 2010

Client:  Watch It Now Entertainment
Project:  Kim Lyons DVD Series
Project Deliverables:
  • Art Direct Packaging and Box Wrap Design
  • Copywriting for Packaging and Website
  • Art Direct Proprietary Website Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Finalized branding of Packaging
  • Finalized web design
  • Set up self-distribution with key accounts and on proprietary website
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