Mitch Perliss is a 30-year veteran of the home entertainment software industry, holding executive positions in all aspects of the business including retail, wholesale, distribution and new media. Over the past year Perliss has assisted independent distributors and content owners create sales by developing traditional, Internet and non-traditional strategies including digital downloading and Direct Response to monetize their programs.

During a 19-year career in the retail industry, Perliss spearheaded purchasing, advertising and merchandising for Wherehouse Entertainment and Show Industries DBA Music Plus, two of the largest music and video retailers in the country, each with annual sales of over $150 million. During that time, Perliss was an innovator in many areas, including the development of retail programs later duplicated by retail chains nationwide. He was credited with breaking Bob Seger and many other music artists on the West Coast via innovative in-store marketing programs and campaigns. Perliss was also responsible for integrating rentals into a sales-only retail environment, developing operations and merchandising systems utilized in retail for more than a decade. During his tenure, both chains were named “Retailer of the Year” by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

As a sales, marketing and executive with independent content owners and distributors, Perliss has been responsible for developing packaging, marketing and sales programs for a variety of programs from the best selling Thomas & Friends children’s series to an eclectic group of music programs including best sellers by Queen, Tina Turner, Luciano Pavarotti, John Tesh and Perry Como. As vice president/general manager of SlingShot Entertainment, Perliss developed and executed sales and marketing plans that increased North American sales by 1,200% and international sales by 400% over a three-year period by focusing on IMAX-branded films. As the executive vice president at Razor Digital Entertainment, Perliss marketed some of the bestselling independently produced fitness programs available, including workouts by Tamilee Webb, Jari Love, Tracey Mallett, Vanessa Isaac, Michelle Dozois, Stacy McCarthy, Petra Kolber, Kari Anderson, Keli Roberts, Ganga White, Rael Isacowitz, Scott Cole and others, taking a start-up company from less than $50,000 in sales to $2.5 million within three years.

As he moves into the next decade, Perliss has formalized relationships with some of the best of the best service providers in the home entertainment industry to create a one-stop shop to assist small independent distribution companies and individual content owners of special interest and niche programming.
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