Gina Rogers Guddat:
" Mitch is a man of integrity who has a passion for helping people. He has true insight for how to guide and direct companies and individuals. His forte is coaching others towards success by systematically helping them accomplish their strategic plan and goals. He is certainly the best in the industry!"

Vanessa Agle Isaac:
" It is always a pleasure to work with Mitch. He's honest, creative and a super hardworking person with much knowledge of the business. A super professional and extremely dedicated person! Thanks for all your help over the years Mitch!"

Tamilee Webb:
" Mitch is one of the rare professionals in his business for being honest! Not only is he knowledgeable, honest and creative, he follows through and keeps his word. Mitch has been there to help me on many levels and I now I consider him just one of the girls :-)"

Michelle Dozois:
Mitch is sincere, hard working and extremely dedicating to serving all of his clients needs. He is creative and articulate while providing excellent leadership and follow through. Mitch stays on top of the current trends and how they may relate to your product development. Mitch is committed to finding solutions that will work for your business venture and a great asset to have on your team."

Kimbirly Orr: "
" I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mitch Perliss over 15 years. Mitch and I first became acquainted when I sold booth space to the company he worked for. I quickly learned Mitch was a tenacious, creative and well-rounded professional executive within the home entertainment community. Through the years our positions changed within the industry yet I remain close to Mitch. He is a great go-to idea man; one I have consulted with at various times.”

Steve Donaldson: "
" Mitch is a joy to work with. He is a great collaborator, he gives great advice and has great knowledge to set us on a course to complete our goals. I've worked with Mitch for over 5 years and our relationship has grown ever since. He understands marketing and the impact of it on our products. He has been an amazing asset to our business.

Carole Myers: "
" Mitch has, in abundance, 3 of the most important characteristics of a leader: he's superb at creating positive relationships based on mutual trust and respect; he's dedicated and loyal to his clients and their mission; he has abundant creativity backed by the ability, knowledge, focus and the decision-making confidence required to turn ideas into success.

Rhonda Sapirstein: "
" I have known (and known of!) Mitch for some 20 years. He is definitely a veteran in the video/DVD business, known in our industry to be someone who can reliably tackle any kind of project, completely able to take any program from concept/marketing plan to the marketplace at large. He is diligent,organized and a strong communicator.I have worked with Mitch throughout the years, and he has had several key positions in companies I had contact with, when I was with Fast Forward Marketing as well as Niche Sales (a company I founded and owned until 2009). Most importantly, Mitch is a highly ethical businessperson. No matter which company he was affiliated with he always put that company's needs,goals and best interests first, and they always superseded personal relationships. So, while Mitch gave me every opportunity to either obtain product for him (or sell product to him), he didn't make his decisions based on the fact that we had a personal friendship. I do hope that in my current position with DVA,Inc. as Director of Special Markets that Mitch and I will find a way to work together, as my past experience with him has been nothing short of terrific.

Bob Speyer:
" We have had the pleasure of working with Mitch on a couple of Web Marketing projects. As a marketing consultant and interface between the client and our online marketing and web development company, the Web Success Team, Mitch is a real professional and made our job easier. He has provided us great insight, timely information and constructive comments to move the project toward successful completion. I highly recommend Mitch for any online or offline projects."

Paula Tait:
" I was referred to Mitch Perliss several years ago as a prospective client and had the pleasure of working with Mitch as his replication and distribution vendor. As I came to know Mitch as an excellent client and friend, I began to understand the scope of his experience and creative direction. Mitch has an incredibly varied background from his many years in the entertainment industry and is a "go to" person for virtually everything associated with bringing content to market. He is extremely diligent in his efforts on behalf of his clients and is always professional and honest in his dealings with vendors, clients, etc. I would encourage a call to Mitch when looking for assistance in product acquisitions, product development, product placement, to name a few.

Arny Schorr:
" I've had the pleasure of working with Mitch on a number of levels, starting with his position as a buyer, as a consultant. and including his position running various video companies. I have invariably found him to be conscientious, professional, timely and extremely creative yet manages to remain warm and personable, qualities often lost at his level. I'm lucky to be able to have Mitch as a business associate as well as friend.”

Cindy Howell White:
" I have had the pleasure of knowing Mitch almost 10 years and had the even greater pleasure of working for him for almost 5 years, at 2 different companies -both Razor Digital and SlingShot Entertainment. He is an excellent manager. Very communicative and honest with his employees as well as clients. A definite people person with a great work ethic. I would be happy to have opportunity to work with him again."

Ron Lehman:
" “I have known Mitch for 20+ years, first as a customer and over the course of the last four years as my manager. Mitch recognizes his employees strengths and allows them to fully utilize their abilities without micro-managing the process. He knows how to guide when he feels his input will help the person achieve the desired goals set forth by the organization. He is a very creative individual, inventive beyond the normal range of a marketing expert. Mitch has an uncanny talent of spotting the next wave of talent that will be of interest to the consumer. He also has the ability to be open about his beliefs and be able to see others point-of-view and combine a marriage of thoughts to produce the best outcome for the customer and/or company. Mitch is one of the best managers I have worked for and would welcome speaking to anyone regarding his management abilities.”

Debbie Meyer Sleezer:
" Mitch is an excellent manager. He allows his employees the freedom to use their creativity and own skills and yet is always available to mentor and guide as needed. He is innovative and open to new ideas and new ways to achieve a goal. He cares about the people who work with him and I would be happy to work for him again if the opportunity ever arose. His managerial skills and his expertise in our industry would make him an asset to any organization."

Khris Tahmin:
" Mitch has always been a pleasure to do business with. He understands ALL facets of the
home entertainment industry, from sales to marketing to licensing. There aren't many people I know with Mitch's level of expertise."

Jill Ross:
" Our company became a customer of Mitch's when he was at Razor Digital. Over the years I have found him to be knowledgeable, creative, hard-working, honest and a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to doing business with him for many years to come."

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