Some of you have already created and shot your fitness DVD and are ready to take the next step while others are still in the creative process.  Either way, it's time to start moving forward and strategizing.

Releasing a DVD is not as easy as it might seem, and there are a myriad of details to ensure that you give your product the best chance possible for success.

There is no single 'right' way to release your product.  Each of you have different goals, a different work schedule, different availabilities to promote the product to traditional distribution or directly to consumers.  For those who want to sell through your own website, there is the question of not only how to reach the consumer, but how to fulfill orders once they come.

We work with each of our clients on an individual basis, offering a menu of services to meet individual goals and budgets.  Choose from them all or cherry-pick based upon your needs, but whichever way you go, we'll be there with you to give you the best chance to be successful.

You've got a great workout but don't know exactly what to call it or how to market it.  It your product you, the brand or both?  We help you figure it out and create the best opportunity for success.

Looking for music that is different than the standard music licensed on most fitness DVDs?  We've got the hook up.

In today's crowded marketplace, the different between a "yes" and "no" can be the packaging.  Mitch works with some of the top graphic artists around to help you create some of the nicest packaging available.

No longer will you have to pay outrageous prices to manufacture your own product. Gross margin is a key to success, and we work hand in hand with key authorists, printers and replicators across the country to save you money.  Shipping to the Midwest or East Coast, we've got you covered with local replicators.  Is most of your product going to the West Coast?  We've got you covered there as well!

We help create a national, and international distribution plan that includes Internet retailers, catalogs, schools, direct-to-consumer sales as well as  brick and mortar retail sales through established independent distributors.  We'll also help you with a B2C plan and selling directly to the consumer from your website.  We've also helped select clients market their product through Direct Response, which is becoming more and more viable based upon today's marketplace.

We work hand-in-hand with the best in public relations, whether it's traditional PR, TV or Internet PR to develop a strategic plan that works hand in hand with sales, marketing and distribution plans.

You're a fitness pro, spending much of your day teaching, but you know the Internet is the way to reach potential consumers.  Not to worry!  We've been very successful over the past year in developing and executing SMM programs that have increased the number of friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and sales have followed.  One fitness pro saw a 475% sales increase off of her website after a six-month SMM campaign by one of our associate firms.  In three months another experienced almost 100% more sales in the second and third months of a campaign than any month in the previous twelve.  We work with you to identify and then target your specific audience to create the greatest Return on Investment possible.

The way consumers collect and watch programming is changing, and all producers and content owners need to be aware of this distribution method.  We're working with digital distribution companies to make your product on over 15 different devices, from computers to smart phones including Droid, iPhone and Blackberry, the iPad, mobile media players including the iPod and Sony PSP and TV devices including xBox-360, Playstation 3 and Apple TV.


Looking to find additional ways to monetize your proprietary website and give consumers something they need?  Have them come back every month to buy supplements and vitamins to help them stay healthy.  Talk with us about which of our many partners are best for you, your clients and your customer base.  We've got a variety to choose from!

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